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Ordering one of our Coupon Packages is the most cost effective way to order your Online Golf Coupons. There are hundreds of Participating Courses to choose from.

The “Par Package” includes (6) downloadable Online Coupons, the “Birdie Package” includes (12)  and our “Eagle Package” includes (18). You choose which Courses and Coupons you’d like to Order and your “Coupon Package Credits” won’t expire until you’ve redeemed  all of your credits. You will also receive a chance to Win Prizes in Contests, our eNewsletter & Notifications for Bonus Offers.

Group - Corporate Program Information

Group – Corporate Program

Par, Birdie & Eagle Coupon Packages make great Gifts, Tee-Prizes and Premiums for large groups. Group Ordering is substantially discounted based upon the Quantity ordered (see below). Promo Codes to Create Accounts and earn Coupon Credits will be provided to the contact person placing the order.


2-4 Packages – 20% off
5-9 Packages – 25% off
10-30 Packages – 30% off
31-50 Packages – 35% off
51-100 Packages – 40% off
101-500 Packages – 45% off
501-999 Packages – 50% off

PAR - 6 Online Coupons

$25.00 (before discount)

BIRDIE - 12 Online Coupons

$39.00 (before discount)

EAGLE – 18 Online Coupons

$49.00 (before discount)