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Individual Course Coupons are available for $4.95 ea., but ordering one of our “Coupon Pack” Subscriptions earns you “Coupon Credits” to APPLY towards Online Golf Coupons purchases and makes it the most economical way to save and order your Online Coupons!  There’s 200+ Participating Courses & Deals to choose from throughout California-Nevada and beyond!

Our “PAR” Pack earns you (6)Coupon Credits”, the “BIRDIE” Pack includes (12)  and our “EAGLE” Pack gets you (18) Coupon Credits to APPLY towards the Course Coupons of your choice! It’s really easy, you Choose & Order the Course(s) Deal, Download & Print the Coupon(s) and Redeem them in the Course Pro Shop (pay fees at Course). Online Coupon Pack Credits and Online Coupons will expire on December 31, 2019.

Included with your Online Coupon Subscription is a $500 Off Coupon from Peterson/Dean for Solar & Roof projects,  Savings at Courses in Hawaii, our eNewsletter and chances to Win Prizes in our Masters & U.S. Open Contests!

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California's Only Statewide Golf Coupon Book!

The 2019 West Coast GOLF ValueBook (29th) offers golfers hundreds of Courses & Great Deals to choose from throughout California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Arizona and Mexico! Redeeming just 1-2 Coupons in the ValueBook can pay for itself and it’s valid through December 31, 2019.

2019 ValueBook Pricing

New Blowout Pricing!

  • 1 ValueBook = $15.00 ea.
  • 2-39 ValueBooks = $10.00 ea.
  • 40+ ValueBooks = $5.00 ea.

BONUS OFFERS include: *Free Green Fees, Twosome Deals, Incredible Rates and Birthday Specials! There's also multiple Redemption Offers at many of the Courses. Order your ValueBook Today!

The ValueBook has exclusive Courses that you won't find in our Online Coupon program.

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